Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Are we becoming robots?

We can't really see what technology does because:
an exponential curve approximates a straight line when viewed for a brief duration (Ray Kurzweil)
So predictions are always in linear way (see below) because they are ideas applied to ideas.

The problem with "non-technological" fields of knowledge is that there is no reliable apparatus to effectively remembering and so to being able to quickly applying knowledge, rather a cycle of re-inventions and epiphanies (lousy memory triggers) represent the engine of evolution.

So really what technology does, it allows us to remember?.

Technology way, the exponential way (the anti-struggling way?)
Ideas build concrete objects. A
A and ideas build concrete objects. B
B and ideas build concrete objects. C

Gnoseology way, the linear way (the struggling way?)
Ideas build ideas. A
A builds ideas. A
A builds ideas. A

The equation to spin around Bill Joy:
linear + exponential = exponential
gnoseology + technology = technology
epistemology = gnoseology + technology
ontology = epistemology
ontology = technology

versus the old way
epistemology = gnoseology
ontology = epistemology

Thank you syllogism for being a friend again and probably still let me be with the ontology maped the old way.


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